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Thread: Mezcal De Alla Perlas

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    Default Mezcal De Alla Perlas

    I found an old bottle of Mezcal in the basement of my families 120 year old bar.

    It says "Mezcal De Alla Perlas"
    I cant read this word, it looks like "Haxaquenas"
    "Destilado en Alambique Olla de Barro"
    "Sistem Antiquo"
    "Embotelladores Y Distribudores"
    "Agudo Y Cisneros"
    "Lago Cuitzeo"

    The cork is still in place.

    Is it worth anything?
    How would you go about selling it?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Mezcal De Alla Perlas

    Can you post some pics please? Sounds like a very interesting find!

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    Default Re: Mezcal De Alla Perlas

    definately post some pics.


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