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Thread: Anyone hear of this? Miel de Maguey

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Jefe
    Quote Originally Posted by crashoverride
    I was in Juarez, Mexico a few weeks ago and bought this bottle, Miel de Maguey. It says Destilado de agave below the brand name.

    The salesman gave me a sample and it tasted great. I was a little suspicious thinking he had me sample a good tequila and then sold me an inferior one. Out of curiosity I bought the bottle.

    [img width=500 height=375][/img]

    Anyone hear of this brand? I'm thinking its a mixto.

    I'm a newbie to good tequila.
    We bought the same thing @ Licores de Chihuahua in Juarez. Got the free sample & the whole story. It's made in Michoacan & legally can not be called tequila. On the bottle it's called " Distillation de Agave." No mixto. $15.00 a bottle. 32% alcohol.
    Actually tequila can be made in only five states in all of Mexico and Micoacan is one of them.
    "One should allways believe in something! I believe I will have another tequila"

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    Default Re: Anyone hear of this? Miel de Maguey

    Quote Originally Posted by mccorml
    Yes, the duty free store has good prices but limited selection, the best kept secret is that they do have all the 1921 tequilas, 1921 Reserva Especial - $30, (don't tell anyone).

    There's one very good store in Juarez called Astros 10 at 3936 Blvd. Gomez Morin (it's on the maps) very nice people, good selection, fair prices.

    Another liquor store called Maya, it's on Ave. of the Americas but I don't have the exact location and haven't submitted it to the forum yet.
    Thanks for the additional info. I will also keep the 1921 a secret.

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