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Thread: Senor Frogs Plata (100% Agave)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrAgave View Post
    So I pulled up the Señor Frog's web site and it says "You must be 21 to enter this site". Normally I would hit Enter, but the Exit button peaked my curiosity. Check it out, I don't want to spoil it for you. Be patient, it takes a second or two...
    I smell a new "Rickroll"

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    I can honestly say that I have never been Rickroll'd.

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    I had been meaning to try this, and picked it up tonight for $19.99. I really enjoyed it, especially for the price. Same NOM as Tierras, which I had also been sipping on recently, and the two blancos taste similar. I actually commented to my girlfriend about the similar taste before I remembered the shared NOM, and then sort of went, 'duh'.

    The taste is pretty simple, which I like. Not weak simple, but pure simple with no weird aftertaste or sense of additives present. Senor Frogs is a little spicier than Tierras, with a very brief, but intense sinus clearing on the finish. The finish may settle after the bottle opens up a bit, but even if not, it's not a huge problem - reminds you that it's tequila! Again, a good bargain...may have to try the repo.

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