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Thread: Recommendation on reasonably-priced Mezcal

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    El Zacatecano is pretty good and in the ~$40 range. Doesn't quite measure up to Del Maguey.

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    NC, I cant remember are you in SC or NC? I just bought a bottle of Los Danzantes Repo in Atlanta for $40 bucks. I'm taking my first sips as I write and WOW, I always liked Lagavulin and this is right up its alley. I'm in Greensboro and I'll gladly pour some for you to try if you havent gotten your hands on some already

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    Regarding tequila el charro anejo, I picked up a bottle @ mission liquor for $19.99
    and it even came with a nice blue ceramic decanter. hope this helps anyone looking for
    this bottle. I purchased this in sept. 1,2011

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