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Thread: Zignum Mezcal made by Coca Cola? Yikes!

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    Thumbs down Zignum Mezcal made by Coca Cola? Yikes!

    What is the worst that could happen to one of the last Artisanal spirits of Mexico?

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! Zignum Mezcal created by Coca Cola ?!?

    Narco News: Coca-Cola Moves into Mezcal

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    45,000 liters a day

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    Thanks for this update Mr. A but wow.....this is truely sad news! Isn't anything sacred anymore? How about this quote from the article......

    " AGP Wine & Spirits Group, the international trade name, distills its product with technical standards, very different from artisan mezcal; the average artisan palenque bottles 2– 3,000 liters per month, cooking agave plants over wood burning fires. Each bottle off the AGP line, in contrast, precisely mirrors the others; following a chemical test for each vat, slight artificial adjustments are added as necessary, to produce consistent “flavor, pain, color, and aroma.” By vat, I mean stainless steel drums."

    It's scary when they use terms like "slight artificial adjustments" What the *%#* is going on? Is everyone selling out these days?!
    Sip & Savor... please don't shoot!

    Salud, Jim

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    Everybody wants ta get inta the act!

    What's really scary is that they're so willing to just rape and pillage that entire region, and destroy the livelihoods of hundreds or even thousands of people to make a buck. I'm pretty pro-capitalist, but yaknow, a conscience would be nice. Boycott.

    BTW, I'll be buying my mezcal from Del Maguey or El Zacatecano, not Coke.
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