Latest The secret ingredient for a romantic Valentine's Day

The secret ingredient for a romantic Valentine's Day
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Obviously, every alcoholic beverage brand would have you believe that theirs is the best drink for a romantic Valentine's Day.

But the people behind Agavero Tequila ($30) have a better argument than most.

They tell us that this 100 percent blue agave tequila is blended with the Damiana flower. And that the Damiana supposedly has been "known for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac."

So they recommend that Valentine's Day dinner twosomes end their meal with Agavero and dark chocolate.

Personally, I prefer tequila with lime before dinner. But Agavero, because of its subtle sweetness, lends itself particularly well to meal endings. It is also smoother than most tequilas.

Agavero's secret mixture - a blend of anejo and reposado tequilas aged separately in charred, white oak casks - dates back to 1857.

At that time it was created by Lazaro Gallardo, founder of Los Camichines Distillery, Jalisco, Mexico.

Generations later, it's still hand-crafted in the same manner it was 150 years ago.


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