KAH Tequila Rings in the Holidays and 2011

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KAH® Tequila fulfills its promise with its official national introduction and roll-out - While it is never easy to launch a new product of any kind, Kim Brandi, Founder & CEO of KAH® Tequila, had challenges with the launch of her ambitious ultra premium tequila line that not even she could have predicted. Today, with perseverance, a positive attitude and a lot of support, she now has bragging rights and a solid, award winning product line that will be hitting retail shelves in major US markets on December 1.

The official debut of KAH® Tequila to a wider audience is made all the more stellar by the fact that the pre-debut demand and order requests around the world have been unprecedented. Currently, all 15,000 cases of existing inventory of the Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo varieties were sold-out in advance to 15 key markets in the U.S. including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Texas and Georgia as well as internationally to Australia, New Zealand and France. At the time of this release, demand is exceeding supply.


Agave 99 Tequila Heads into New Year with Sleek New Look

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The artisanal overproof tequila made a statement in 2010 with a raft of industry accolades. It heads into the new year with a sleek new look. - Though the brand was less than two years old, Agave 99® enjoyed major industry accomplished more commonly associated with older, more established brands. On the other hand, Agave 99® is a line of overproof tequilas that have proven itself to be an overachiever.

Thanks to a proprietary distillation system that results in a smooth, rich and sophisticated tequila, Agave 99® Anejo shattered stereotypes about “harsh” overproof tequilas to stand out tall among 162 other competing spirits brands at this year’s SIP Awards International Spirits Competition, earning a Gold Medal. Also this year, Agave 99® earned major accolades from a top tier panel of judges at the largest and most comprehensive Agave Tasting Competition in the world, the 2010 Spirits of Mexico, winning a Gold Medal for its Reposado.


El Espolon Day of the Dead Cocktails

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November 2nd marks Dia de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead,” an annual ritual of the Mexican community which celebrates human existence as death, and is considered the passage to a new life. Day of the Dead celebrations include lively music, decadent imagery and colorful costumes where revelers take to the streets, crowd into bars and host cemetery gatherings in honor of those who have gone before. Merrymakers honor the dead and celebrate the joy of living with traditional food and the country’s national drink – tequila.


Tequila Herradura Introduces a New World-Class Look With the Same-World Class Taste

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New Bottle Design Incorporates Uncompromised Elements for Silver, Reposado and Anejo Expressions

Tequila Herradura has set the standard for exceptionally hand-crafted, ultra-premium 100 percent agave tequilas since 1870. To celebrate its 140th Anniversary, Casa Herradura announced today the introduction of new primary packaging that celebrates the brand's traditional, time-honored production process while projecting the sophistication of unyielding elegance.

"To commemorate our 140th Anniversary, we are introducing Tequila Herradura with a new bottle that accentuates our premium tequilas and unifies the brand under one global and streamlined image," said John Hayes, managing director for Brown-Forman Tequilas. "The design dignifies and honors the extraordinary quality of Tequila Herradura without altering our traditional hand-crafted process and premium ingredients that tequila aficionados will continue to sip and savor."


Dos Siglos, the Tequila to Celebrate Mexico's Bicentennial

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To commemorate Mexico's 200th anniversary of the beginning of its War of Independence, the Mexican government has unified several highly regarded Tequila distilleries and brands to participate in a "blended Tequila project", producing a new limited edition Tequila, Dos Siglos.

Out of 120 Tequila producing distilleries, 15 were chosen for their historical presence and consistent quality. Dos Siglos Tequila represents years of Tequila production, where equal amounts of 100 percent Agave Tequilas from 15 top brands are blended to create this new commemorative and celebratory spirit.

These selected Tequila brands donated their product for use in the project: Arette, Cazadores, Centinela, Don Julio, Don Roberto, Gran Orendain, Herencia de Plata, Herradura, Jose Cuervo, Maestro Tequilero, Pueblo Viejo, Reserva de los González, El Tesoro de Don Felipe, Tezon and Tres Generations.

Bottled under the Jose Cuervo NOM, each bottle is numbered, and available in 750ml presentations of Blanco and Reposado. Only 3600 bottles were produced, and will only be available in Mexico. All profits from the sales of Dos Siglos will be donated to selected social causes in Jalisco.

Dos Siglos Blanco
Aroma: Agave, light olive and smoke, with fruit and floral notes.
Taste: Sweet cooked Agave, floral and fruit hints, with a slight touch of maple and nut.

Dos Siglos Reposado
Aroma: Light wood, cinnamon and fruit, balanced with sweet cooked agave, and subtle notes of olive.
Tast: Sweet with hints of wood, cooked Agave, and almond.