Diageo Favored if Cuervo Decides to Sell

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Cuervo owners may have eye on Fortune situation, Cuervo tequila seen worth around $2 billion, Diageo shares up 0.6 pct in firmer London market

Diageo (DGE.L) is seen as the likeliest of four potential contenders to buy Jose Cuervo, the world's best-selling tequila, if the Beckmann family decides to sell the brand which analysts say could fetch $2 billion.

The secretive Beckmann family appears to be testing the water concerning a sale, analysts said, knowing that a potential break-up bid for Fortune Brands (FO.N) could put Sauza on the market, the world's second biggest tequila brand.


In Love and Tequila: A True Love Story with Señor Rio

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A Couple Finds Love, Reunites With Family, and Shares a Legacy with Señor Rio Tequila - They never could have anticipated the journey that lay in front of them - an adventure which would include falling in love, traveling to Mexico to reunite with an estranged father of 30 years and sharing a family's generations-old passion for tequila with the world.

The story began in Arizona in 2005, when former real estate agent Debbie Medina unassumingly knocked on the door of her newest client, Jonathan Gach, a former accountant originally from New York. Their relationship quickly grew into a friendship, and eventually romance.


Muchote Tequila Launches New Label Design

Submitted by     January 26, 2011     10878   0 - Denver, CO - Muchote tequila is set to debut a new label design. The super premium under thirty dollar award winning tequila has stayed true to its mantra of delivering Tequila aficionados a super premium, gold medal winning, 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila at a great price. The new artwork celebrates the transition of Muchote tequila from a small start up brand to a national brand available in over 15 states across the country. "Our focus has always been and will always be to deliver a super premium tequila without the hype, our customers know, and we thank them for their support." says co founder Will Elger who together with his twin brother launched Muchote in 2007. "Muchote means a whole lot more and our goal to over deliver on this promise is what led us to design a new look for our label which speaks to the timeless tradition that is artisanal tequila." Watch for the new Muchote label soon, until then pick some of the few remaining original label bottles, a worthy addition to the tequila aficionados collection.


TequilaRack Offers Micro Tequilas From Boutique Distilleries

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The International Tasting Group has sourced several of the finest boutique Tequileras in Mexico and assembled their products of Micro Tequilas as a collection to be sampled and compared.

Rather than just offer one brand, TEQUILARACK™ is offering three distinctly different Reposados for consumers to begin their Tequila journey. TEQUILARACK™ offers this newly designed Tasting Kit with 3 hand-picked brands and a measuring jigger. In addition, has provided more in-depth information on Tequila, how to host a Tequila tasting party, what equipment should be used, what foods to serve and even what type of music can be played to enhance the experience.

Each Tequila has its own unique story. The flavor variations come from the differences in the soil within the appellation of origin where the Weber Blue Agaves are grown, as well as the kinds of water and yeast used in the distillation process and the length of time and types of barrels used for aging. The color of each brand depends on how long it has been aged and what type of barrel was used. These differences all combine to give an array of flavors, aromas, textures and mouth-feels to our collection of Mexico's finest Tequilas.


KAH Tequila Goes Head to Head with Liquor Industry Giant and Wins!

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The up-and-coming brand once and for all triumphs in a formidable legal challenge posed by the parent company of a high-profile celebrity-backed vodka - Though launching a new product is not easy for any company, Elements Spirits, Inc. and its brand KAH® Tequila ended a difficult 2010 on a high note. Its latest victory represented its right to exist and launch nationwide, even as rival company Globefill, Inc., parent company for the high-profile, celebrity-backed Crystal Head Vodka, continued its bid to stop the award-winning tequila from hitting stores and restaurant shelves.

KAH® launched officially on December 1, 2010 after several delays caused by actions Globefill, Inc. took against the fledgling tequila brand back in the spring. KAH® was originally slated to launch in March, when Globefill filed a lawsuit charging alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition. Globefill then tried to prevent distribution of KAH® Tequila in the United States by filing a motion for preliminary injunction. On June 18, 2010, Judge Consuelo B. Marshall of the Central District Court of California issued an order to dismiss Globefill's allegations against KAH®.

From Judge Marshall's decision forward, KAH® went on to win several industry accolades including tasting panel competition awards and a highly coveted product packaging design award from trade magazine Beverage Dynamics. This set the stage for KAH's® debut on the national and international spirits industry stage.