Brands of Tequila - How many are there?

So how many brands of Tequila are there? If you go by the current list from the CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) there are close to 1000 registered brands of Tequila for the year 2009, up from the low 900's in 2008. Now add all of the brands that are still sitting on dusty shelves throughout the US and Mexico, that don't currently show up as a registered brand from the CRT, it is easy to assume there are well over 1100 brands of Tequila.

What brands of Tequila are you looking for? Can't remember the full name? Try searching through the NOM Database, which allows partial and full name search on Tequila brand names, distillery names, and NOMs. NOM Database

The NOM database is a useful tool that allows consumers to see what distillery each brand of Tequila is made from, who the brand is titled to, and where the distillery is located. Once you know more about where your favorite Tequila is produced, you can opt to show all products available from that distillery or NOM, as the other products that distillery produces can be quite similar due to their Agave supply and production methods.

Starting in 2008, the NOM Database will keep unregistered products in the database for viewing, and will begin to form a history of the Tequila brands as new ones are added, or if dropped from a distillery, and if brands move from one distillery to another.

With over 1000 brands of Tequila available, it is wise to do a little homework before just grabbing a bottle off of the shelf. Use the brand listings as a guide, as there are hundreds of reviews and ratings on over 700 products. Our Tequila Forums are another great resource for everyone, which provide a convenient discussion area for aficionados and consumers, including posts on Tequila sales and deals throughout the US.