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    So, years later I make a visit to Ramirez Liquor in East L.A. and frankly, I wasn't real impressed.

    Don't get me wrong, the selection was pretty good but it was Friday night around 10:00pm and the vibe in the store was rushed, seemed to be a bunch of youngsters (I'm 47, so half my age is legal and 'youngsters' ) scoring before it got much later. A lot of beer was going out the door, good beer, but beer just the same.

    I was looking to see if they might of had an older bottle of 4 Copas blanco, no luck since it is discontinued and they have a good turnover of stock, they did have my new favorite silver in stock, 901. I had to ask one of the nice young ladies behind the counter to check the stock and yes, they had it. After a round of questions to the (no less than eight) others working the rather small store it was determined that my requested bottle was above the beer coolers requiring a ladder to retrieve.

    So out comes one of the eight with a six foot A-frame, he climbs into the rafters and grabs me a fifth. Damn man, that was a lot of effort for something I might buy.

    Now to the counter I go...

    $40 out the door! 40!!!

    I paid just shy of $30 at my local for the same bottle and in a store where I can stare at the shelves for ten minutes and then feel the bottles in my hand before it's a yea or a nay and nobody cares (they'll ask if you need help for sure but if you say 'nahhh, just looking', they'll let you), All I could touch at Ramirez was cheap liter bottles of common swill.

    I kinda get it, it's not the best hood, but it certainly isn't the place it was 10 years ago, much of L.A. has become quite domesticated. I mean you'll always have the dumb asses who try the beer run now and again thinking this is some kind of 7-11, but I would imagine with the two bouncer sized security guards watching, they are few and far between.

    I'm still gonna try and get to LiquorMart Whittier before last call and I'm still gonna give Ramirez in Pico Rivera a shot, but I think I've sampled enough of the East L.A. store to do me.

    So, nice staff, pretty good selection but it seemed to be everywhere, I felt fine with security and I was fresh off work at the time so I looked like **** pie and they didn't shadow me, they were quite polite in fact. The store was a little too 'exciting' for me, I felt like I'd never have the time to just look without being in the way. And then, it would seem, they are pricey. I really hate paying more for stuff I know I could have gotten for less had I been closer to home before the bell rang. Certainly enough to not hit the East L.A. store again.

    But hey, that's okay, I will say business was brisk and I'm pretty sure no one will miss me. If you feel the need, do go, check it out. Parking sucks but it's free so whadayawant...


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