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Thread: i need help with a name...

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    Default i need help with a name...

    I work in a tequila bar in Dallas, Tx and was wondering if i could get some input. I've been making a coctail for the last couple of weeks, trying different tequilas and mixers and this was the best so far.

    5 to 6 1/8" cucumber wheels
    1.5 oz Herradura Blanco
    .5 oz Cointreau
    .5 oz Agavero
    2 oz Jarritos Toronja

    I take 5 of the wheels (quartered works best) and muddle them. I then shake that with the Herradura, cointreau, agavero, and ice. Pour contents in a rocks glass with fresh ice and fill with grapefruit soda. The soda is just for the carbonation as it makes the drink extremely refreshing. All I need is a name. Any suggestions?

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    Tahona el pepino, pepino is cucumber in spanish.

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    "chupame el pepino", sexual names sometimes help drinks become very popular: sex on the beach, blow job, orgasm... for example. "Chupame el pepino" translates to "suck on my cucumber", who knows, could be catchy


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