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    I have made some winner and some loser drink cocktails with tequila. Most of the time I'm just hoping for the best and mixing random stuff to make something right...

    Has anyone tried Prickley Pear Syrup in a margarita? I know it has a high sugar content which is normal for syrup but if I substitute it in a " approved natural margarita" for agave nectar, to make a great twist.

    Another thing I tried was fresh squeezed orange juice and tequila mixed with an ounce or so of prickley pear syrup (substitute for grenadine) to make a prickley sunrise...

    For a non-tequila related drink I used the prickley pear with fresh lemon juice to make a whiskey sour with some flare....or a pink bourbon drink that I wouldn't pull out my top shelf for.

    My mom stuck a bottle of prickley pear syrup in my stocking...needless to say each day since Christmas I have been making different cocktails with it. One ounce yeilds about 28g of sugar which they say is a serving size...i usually use less than that. Yeah, the juice isn't for those looking to get drunk but when using other natural ingrediants...a couple of these cocktails never lead to a headache.

    Has anyone else played with prickley pear syrup? Most of all of these cocktails yeild a BRIGHT purple-magenta-hot pink color. Not exactly what I'd walk around the bar with but something you may mix up for the wife?
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    ya, we used MONIN Prickley Pear syrup in a margarita at the pool bar i worked at a few years back. Pretty diverse flavor. Tequila drinks aside, when i worked out there i would always add it to my iced tea... tasty

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