(A typical drink from Oaxaca)
Serves 2

1 large lime, cut in half
1 tbsp. of coarse salt mixed with 1/8 tsp. red chili powder
3/4 cup orange juice
3 oz. Scorpion Silver Mezcal
2 tsp. grenadine to taste
Orange wedges

Using 2 margarita glasses, moisten the rims with the lime halves, then dip each glass in the salt and chili powder. Add 2-3 ice cubes to each glass. Squeeze the juice from the lime halves, add orange juice and Scorpion Mezcal, and stir. Pour stirred mix into prepared glasses and float grenadine on top to taste, and garnish with an orange wedge on the rim.

Compliments of Barbara from Caballeros, Inc / www.ScorpionMezcal.com