Sol de Mexico tequila in Phoenix, AZ

  1. Sol
    Sol de Mexico tequila recently introduced in the US market is served at all events that serve alcohol, including all Suns, Mercury, and Roadrunners games and concert events at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ. The Suns and the US Airways Center are among the first outlets where the new brand is being sold in the American market.

    According to the agreement with The Phoenix Suns there was added a full-service cantina where fans can taste the new smooth Sol de Mexico tequila. The cantina has been designed to excite and inspire the sights, sounds and tastes of Mexico, including an 800 square foot area patio. The visitors can comfortably watch sporting events and sip Sol de Mexico tequila.

    More information can be found at the official Sol de Mexico site.

  2. MrAgave
    Wow, great venues to get noticed. What additional states are you looking at for additional distribution. The bottle design is great, very unique.
  3. Sol
    MrAgave, Sol de Mexico tequila is currently offered in Arizona. It is our home state and that is why we chose to launch this product here. We are working on the distribution of our tequilas in other states. The list of new states will soon be available.
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