Coming to Hawaii?

  1. rrehkemper
    What's the chance of getting some MuchoTe in Hawaii anytime soon? We need more variety over here
    MUCHOTE TEQUILA is available in Hawaii, I know for sure on the island of Oahu. Most of the larger liquor stores (Fujioka's, Tamuras) have MUCHOTE, and there are a few smaller stores (Wines by Numbers) that are moving a lot of cases. As for bars and restaurants please ask for it where ever you go as that always helps. Compadres had it and did a great job introducing it to their customers, but since they closed we are waiting to see which bar will take over as MUCHOTE HQ in HI. If you can get a bar or restaurant to put it on their menu or in a house margarita (MUCHOTE MARGARITA) let me know I'll take care of you. I know our distributor in HI Paradise Beverages (808.678.4000) is out introducing the brand on the islands, and we had a nice write up in the Hawaii Beverage Guide. I hope to be in Hawaii in April, and if so I will put together some get togethers with MUCHOTE TEQUILA.
  3. rrehkemper
    Must have happened recently, I'll check Fujioka's in Mililani by the weekend. Hopefully you'll have one of the get togethers at "Just Tacos" in Mililani which is quite close to my house. Glad I asked, Mahalo!
    Yes, it did happen recently, please tell all your friends. Just Tacos, is a great place with a very nice owner and staff, I was in there just before we started distributing in HI with Paradise Beverages. I hope by now they have it available, and I hope soon to be in one of their specialty drinks, the bartenders really know how to make some fantastic tequila cocktails. Salud!
  5. rrehkemper
    I was there Friday night and I didn't see MuchoTe but they did say they have another 20 tequilas coming in in the next couple weeks. They're up to about 320 tequilas now.
  6. rrehkemper
    Fujioka's in Mililani didn't have it but they're ordering some reposado for me.
  7. rrehkemper
    Went by Fujioka's today and they still don't have my order Maybe its selling so fast they can't keep it in stock.
    Did you get your order in from Fujioka's? I would love to hear how you liked it, MUCHOTE GRACIAS.
  9. rrehkemper
    Finally came in today and I like it! I prefer Anejos but ths was quite mellow and light. Can't wait to try the Anejo but I like this enough to buy it again while I'm waiting. Even got the "collectable edition first bottling" Unfortunatley, like most everything else in Hawaii it was quite a bit more $$$ than I've seen online Will post a pic of the bottle soon as I can get it to a suitable location.

    Aloha, Don Ricardo
  10. rrehkemper
    Saw they have MuchOte at "Just Tacos" now.
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