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Thread: watchout with the bait & switch!!

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    Angry watchout with the bait & switch!!

    Two weeks ago, me & the wife where in vegas. for our anniversary.We chose T&T @ Luxor. I was looking forward to checking out their tequila list.Wich they have a good selection. I chose a caballito of El tesoro anejo.I asked to have the tequila first before dinner. ET anejo is a regular tequila that I drink at home. the waiter brings my Caballito of supposebly ET anejo. this was ET reposado! I did not want to make a scene, but I knew I could not let the bartender get away with this!! I had the wife taste the Caballito, she also agreed that this was a reposado. So I called the waiter & kindly told him that this was not an anejo. to prove it I order another anejo, but asked that they bring the bottle to my table and pour it there.You can see the difference just in the glass, the worst thing is that they would not admit that they poured reposado instead of anejo.But they did not know who they where dealing with.So the moral of the story is if you are ordering a good sipping tequila, have them bring the bottle to the table & pour it right there & then.That way they can't bait & switch on you.

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    And here I was expecting the moral of the story to be if you're ordering a good sipping tequila, don't order it in a shot glass. Huh.
    So, even with the obvious visual difference, they still wouldn't admit it? That's wacked.


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