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Thread: Thoughts on JLP Presidents tequila

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    Default Thoughts on JLP Presidents tequila

    I don't think I've ever seen this mentioned much at all, but was wondering if anyone else has tried this tequila from NOM 1416? We discovered it at a tequila bar in Melbourne and we loved it. Ended up getting a bottle of blanco and breezed through it. We've now got a bottle of the repo and so far so good. The blanco was a bit sweeter but it was still really enjoyable. My wife loved it, and she's the blanco lover. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on it? Another point that really makes it wonderful for us, in Calif you can get the anejo for about $20!!! Can't go wrong with that.
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    I've seen it here in Sacramento, but I don't think I got the prices. It wasn't that cheap though, if memory serves.

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    I have both the blanco and anejo and while I haven't sipped either in awhile, my recollection is that they were both pretty enjoyable and I know I have finished a couple of bottles of the anejo (which might mean it is more of a favorite). As I remember I picked them up for some pretty decent prices - no more than about $35.


    (I really need to do a tequila database - Mr. A's form is great, just need the time.)

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    Just bought all 3 kinds from Hi Time (They're all under $20 a bottle). The anejo is really nice for under $20. Maybe my favorite (along with El Charro) in the under $20 price range.

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