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    Default Distillery designations

    Looking at the distillery database I noticed many distilleries' names are followed by the initials "S.A. de C.V." Then there's one that has, "S.P.R. de R.L." and a few others. What do these initials mean? Thanks anyone.

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    From wikipedia:

    S.A. generally designates corporations in various countries, mostly those employing the civil law. Though literally translated as anonymous society, anonymous company, anonymous partnership, or share company, it is known more commonly in English as a public limited company and can be differentiated from partnerships and limited liability companies. In American English they are called joint-stock-companies.

    S.A. can be an abbreviation of:

    Sociedad Anónima or Sociedad por Acciones in Spanish; variations include "S.A. de C.V.", Sociedad Anónima de Capital Variable and "S.A.B. de C.V.", Sociedad Anónima Bursátil de Capital Variable for publicly traded companies in Mexico

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    Thanks MrAgave. I feel stupido. I'm sometimes reminded that a simple Internet search can answer most questions. I guess I was thinking it was something unique to tequila manufacturers.

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