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    Question mezcal Beneva anejo

    Was in baja this past weekend, stopped at my Tequila, mezcal fillup station. [Mercado del mar] Don blas suggested I try A bottle of Mezcal Beneva anejo.
    He says that the beneva mezcal is a very good mezcal. I would appreciate some input from any of you guys, who have tasted this mezcal.I am a newbie
    to drinking mezcal and could use all the help I can get. does this mezcal taste anything like El zacatecano anejo? wich is one of my favorites! What do you guys think! I heard that mezcal drinkers use a small clay pot! And that cervesa is sipped along with mezcal!! this is interesting, I would like to hear more about this
    tradition! hope you guys can shine some light into this tradition! Thanks.
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