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Thread: What is up with the blanco

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    Question What is up with the blanco

    I was in baja this week & stopped at my tequila mezcal fill up station. [El mercado del mar] & don blass is telling me that many mezcal drinkers are liking the blanco! so I purchased a bottle of los dansantes blanco.[ not the tobala] My question to anybody that is switching to mezcal blanco, WHY?
    I happened to like the anejo. like the ilegal & El zacatecano! Is los dansantes a good blanco mezcal or should I be trying a different mezcal for blanco? I am curious to hear from any mezcaleros what is making you switch?
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    Default Blanco Mezcal

    I'm no mezcalero but I must say that I enjoy the blancos for many reasons. The main one being that it's the way the majority of the people in mexico drink it. I'm a big fan of the ilegal blanco as it's from the espadin agave. I do enjoy tobala very much but prefer the smoky smoothness of the espadin. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy a nice repo or an añejo but I enjoy a blanco with a nice cold pacifico or modelo beer. Just my two cents

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    +1 for Ilegal blanco.

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    Why do some people prefer redheads?

    While I dig aged agave spirits as well, I drink blancos (tequilas y mezcals) because I love the pure, cooked agave flavors with all the earthy, fruity, herbaceous, and floral notes that can get lost in the barrel.

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